Monday, April 19, 2010


So, finally I am seeing some progress in the weight challenge. Well, to be honest, I was having things I shouldn't have, but still.

So, this week's weigh in, and I lost 5 lbs ! yipppeeee! this will keep me motivated to continue on the right track. I was hoping for 5 lbs this week and need to do 5 lbs each of the remaining 3 weeks as well, to hit my personal first goal. 16 lbs down in 5 weeks! not fabulous numbers, but still in the right direction.

Boy can I feel a big difference already too! I am able to move around alot more with out being so tired, winded or knees hurting. So this is also in the right direction.

The rest of the High School skinnies were not so successful. JD only lost 1 lb, Jessica zero and Wendy forgot to weigh herself this am (right). But that's ok, YEA ME! I am still 3% behind jd, but within range to catch him if he continues to slack off. That $400.00 is in my reach!

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