Tuesday, April 13, 2010

the Numbers Game....

So, it's already been one month since the weight contest and diet started. Of course, the one guy on the team is winning, as he has been trying and well, guys always lose more than woman, let's face it!

This week, I lost 6 lbs! exciting exciting, I know, but actually, 4 of those were the 4 lbs that I gained last week when I whooped it up and ate peeps for the week prior to easter, as my main diet (trust me, the peep diet does NOT work!).

11 lbs down in 1 month. Since I have been 1/2 assed at it, that is great. I would have gained weight if not on this challenge, so I guess that's a good one too. But why , oh why, can I not keep up with this correctly.

This week I will, that's a promise. We are over the hump now and into the home stretch, I only have 4 more weigh ins and need to lose some considerable weight AND also could use that 400.00!

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